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                                                                           JUPITER has re-invented learning to play the flute!

                                                                           ■ no rotation and wobbling (of the instrument)
            MUSIK MEYER GmbH, Industriestr. 20, 35041 Marburg, Germany ·  ■ suited for adults
                                                                           ■ relaxed playing posture
                                                                           ■ recommended by professionals

                                                                           Find out yourself about the great possiblities of the JUPITER Loop-Concept
                                                                           and the new JUPITER Waveline™ flutes.

                                                                           JUPITER - play together!

                                                                                               DAS JUPITER LOOP KONZEPT
                                                                                                             Download now the
              Players aged 5 and up:  Players aged 7 and up:  Easy conversation into a                      JUPITER LOOP-Concept
              Waveline -Flute with D   Waveline -Flute with C   standard flute                                  handbook
              Footjoint              Footjoint                                                 THE JUPITER LOOP CONCEPT  O R I G I N A L P A T E N T
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